Marketing concepts nw, inc. Oregon office

Ron Brake


Oregon Office

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Marketing Concepts NW, Inc. Oregon is our corporate office, with extensive knowledge of the general merchandise and grocery businesses. 

In keeping with our corporate mission of trust, integrity and communication, we have focused on building key relationships with the buying teams from Fred Meyer, Kroger, Bi-Mart, Albertson's and Safeway. 

Our knowledgeable staff is up to speed on all internal processes for each of our accounts, and provides consistent follow-through with the customer, all the way from initial item submission to item placement on the shelf.



Randy Lenz


Oregon Office

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Matthew Russell

Business Manager

Oregon Office

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Tim Browning

Business Manager

Oregon Office

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Shanna Browning

Sales Support Business Manager

Oregon Office

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Chandra Noe

Office Manager

Oregon Office

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Karyn Brake

Corporate Finance Manager

Oregon Office

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Main Office: (503) 675-9181

Ron: (503) 519-3527

Randy: (503) 807-5915

Matt: (503) 348-0643

Tim:  (971) 570-450

Shanna: (503) 789-5534